Once upon a time, female wrestlers were called divas. During that time, they were forced to participate in bikini contests, bark like dogs, dropped in all fours in the ring and their highest achievement was to be the valet of a successful male competitor. Every once in a while, they got in the ring in what many fans recognize as the famous “pee break”. This was an obscure era for any women that wanted to be a wrestler; because they were judge by their look and not for their real talent. However, things changed and the Women’s Revolution movement was created.

Now, the female competitors are not called diva, but superstars. They can main-event any Live Show, Raw, SmackDown, NXT and PPV. They can compete in Ladder Matches, Steel Cage matches and even Hell in a Cell. Their matches are epic and candidate for match of the year. Women are now a valuable part of WWE. No more pee breaks and bikini contests; they produce real wrestling matches that can convert into instant classics.

But why stop there? Why not revolutionize sports entertainment even more? Among those obscure days, there was little bit of clarity. Some of the women holding that guiding light were Chyna and Jacqueline. You see where this is heading? Chyna and Jacqueline were the Women’s Revolution before the movement existed.

They were part of something really special. In their days, Chyna and Jacqueline were part of inter gender matches. During the Attitude Era, there were matches between men and women as equal. Both competitors working together as superstar without any gender limits; even women received low blows. Why not revolutionizing the WWE even more?

This is the moment to do it. Fans are supporting the Women’s Revolution and their competitors. The world is ready for this moment without judging it. Both, male and female competitors can work a match without the men looking like he is doing something wrong when he superkicks women. This is the correct moment; fans can take the victory of a female competitor over a male competitor in a good way and not considering the male competitor as weak because the female competitor won the match.

Imagine Asuka answering Curt Hawkins losing streak challenge. Imagine a match between James Ellsworth and Becky Lynch to avenge what happened in the first Women Money in the Bank match. Imagine Charlotte Flair facing The Miz in an inter-promotional between SmackDown vs Raw. These are small ways to introduce this idea to the WWE Universe in order to get the fan support. But they can take it the Women’s Revolution even further.

Imagine Nia Jax teaming up with Braun Strowman to win the Raw Tag Team Champions. Imagine Charlotte Flair beating The Miz for the WWE Intercontinental Champion. Imagine Natalya Neidhart applying the Sharpshooter to Dolph Ziggler (hypothetical scenario) and winning the WWE United States Champion. Imagine Asuka challenging Jinder Mahal for the WWE Champion in a Streak vs Championship match. Sounds crazy now, but these can be possible scenarios to pitch the idea of a female competitor challenging for a Male Division title.

Chyna is a former 2-time WWF Intercontinental Champion. Jacqueline is a 1-time former WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Molly Holly is a former 1-time WWF Hardcore Champion. That worked perfectly in the past; but they decided to remove those inter-gender matches. Lucha Underground allows inter-gender competitor and it is working perfectly for them. Ivelisse Velez is a former 2-time Lucha Underground Trios Champion and challenged Lucha Underground’s Champion Mil Muertes in a title match. Sexy Star is a former 1-time Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Champion and 1-time Lucha Underground Champion. They don’t have limits when it comes to inter-gender matches and women are really treated as equals.

WWE have the best Female Division in the world. Why not break the sexist wall even more? They can allow inter-gender matches and allow female superstars to compete for the male division titles. It does not have to be a permanent thing. This can be something sporadic to change the game and add spice to their programming. If it works, they can decide if they want to make it a permanent thing.

The WWE Universe is ready for this. It’s time to break the sexist wall. This is where the game changes once again. This is their moment. This is evolution. This is the true Women’s Revolution; and is what’s best for business.

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