Raw General Manager Daniel Bryan has teased a return to the ring ever since his retirement speech. It is general knowledge at this point that many doctors have cleared him to compete despite the WWE medics being the only ones refusing it. This has visibly displeased Daniel, who never shies away from roasting the WWE whenever he has the chance, like he had on Smack Talk. With many speculating that he would leave the company to return to the indie scene once his contract expires, what does the future truly hold for the American Dragon?

Being forced into early retirement, at the young age of 34, wrestling sensation Daniel Bryan had to vacate his newly won Intercontinental Championship. This was due to ongoing seizures suffered as a result of concussions. Becoming an absolute fan favorite with his continuous underdog stories, Bryan could have easily been the face of the WWE for many years. It was a big hit to the wrestling world, leaving Bryan easily frustrated with the WWE’s decision of cutting his career short. Although one could argue that this was done so as to evade another case similar to Chris Benoit’s.

Regardless, it is quite surprising that the WWE would put Bryan into storylines that would tease his returns. A striking example is his ongoing feud with the Miz, when he was on Smackdown. The Miz would constantly bully Bryan, telling him that he would go out there and do what he can never do anymore before his PPV matches. Fans thought that the rivalry would lead to a confrontation between former NXT mentor and protégé in the ring, but Miz got drafted to Raw after the Superstar Shake-up. Much to the surprise of the fans, Bryan’s possibility to return to a more active role returned this past Raw, when he got attacked by Kane.

The fact that the WWE would let him take a bump isn’t too hard to grasp, but the context in which the attack happened, could lead to a return of the American Dragon at Survivor Series. Despite being carried into an ambulance following the attack, Daniel could retaliate against his former partner Kane, and challenge him to a match at Survivor Series. Perhaps he could even be part of the traditional five on five match between Raw and Smackdown, since Kurt Angle was cleared to compete in it. With Angle allowed, despite the condition of his body, Daniel should be allowed at least one more match in one of the main four PPV’s. With Kane’s attack, Survivor Series is the best place for him to return and hopefully win, to the endless “YES” chants of the fans, giving a happy ending to an otherwise unfortunate story.

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