As most fans would agree, Asuka was the greatest female wrestler to perform in NXT. She never lost a match and held the NXT Women’s Championship for over 500 days. Her title reign came to an unfortunate stop when she injured her collar bone in a match against Ember Moon at NXT Takeover. She had to relinquish the title and was out of action until she made her main roster debut against former WWE wrestler Emma at TLC. Now with a difference of booking between NXT and the main roster, will Asuka still have a hot streak on the main roster or does Vince have other ideas when it comes to booking feuds and matches with her?


Trish Stratus and Lita will always be neck and neck with each other when it comes to being the greatest on all time. Both women were very talented and amazing wrestlers. Not to mention their rivalry to this day was just unbelievable to many fans to this day still remember and talk about it.  What Asuka has done in NXT will always be memorable and in the history books. I believe she will still have an amazing WWE run on the WWE main roster, but unfortunately she’s going to have to have her undefeated streak broken eventually. I’d honestly be fine with it as long as it is booked properly and if she wasn’t screwed over by having her opponent win by interference or something like that. Knowing Vince, my gut feeling tells me her undefeated streak ends at the upcoming WrestleMania. Everybody had that slight feeling for the Undertaker when his undefeated streak on the line, but was very shocked and disappointed when his streak was broken. It’s a WrestleMania moment that we’d remember and this would be the same situation if Vince decides to go that route.


You can go on the WWE Network and watch “Asuka: The Undefeated Empress” on the WWE Network if you go to the collections sections. You can also watch her match against Emma on both TLC and Monday Night RAW. If you haven’t seen any of her matches in WWE, what are you doing? I definitely recommend you to check them out. If you have seen them, then it’s definitely worth watching them again. You can also look up her matches that she wrestled outside of WWE. It’s definitely worth a watch and a great time killer if you’re bored and don’t know what to do.


I think it would be best if she remains undefeated during her entire WWE career. That’s just my opinion on it because she’s currently my number one favorite wrestler. If I were to be unbiased, it would be the best if she actually did lose a match eventually. She’d still go down as one of the greatest of all time female wrestler in the company despite the loss. However like I said, it all depends if it’s booked properly when her streak is over because she’s a very fierce striker and submission specialist. From what we have seen in WWE, she looks unstoppable and it has looked like that “nobody is ready for Asuka.”  Not to mention that she has great charisma and has one of the most unique entrances in the business today. We would like to know your thoughts. Should Asuka remain undefeated her entire WWE career? Would you consider her to be one of the greatest female wrestlers in WWE in the near future (if not already, now)?

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