205 Live welcomed the UK Division in an arguably underwhelming way with Tyler Bate, Joseph Conners, James Drake & Mark Andrews all getting their first taste of the 205 Live roster. Hometown boy Jack Gallagher was also in action.

Enzo Amore and the Zo Show meets the UK Division. Grade: B- Enzo kicked off his new talk show the Zo Show with some of the stars from the UK Division. Enzo went through the UK stars one by one making fun of them, some sided with the Certified G and others stood against him. Tyler Bate ultimately hit Enzo sending him running and setting up a match for later in the night. While a fun segment surely this isn’t the best way to introduce the UK division to a new audience, by having them belittled by Enzo Amore.

Kalisto defeated Jack Gallagher. Grade: C. Gallagher insulted his hometown of Manchester before the match which was needed to get the crowd against him. Kalisto picked up a good enough win before his championship rematch at Survivor Series.

Mark Andrews & Cedric Alexander defeated James Drake & Joseph Conners. Grade: D+ This was again hardly the way to introduce 3 members of the UK Division. A nothing match that meant nothing and never really got going, the babyfaces won but a very uneventful match.

Enzo Amore defeated Tyler Bate. Grade: C- I cannot believe WWE would have Enzo Amore, yes the Cruiserweight Champion but the guy who’s whole gimmick was that he can’t wrestle, just beat one of the biggest and brightest stars in the UK Division Tyler Bate. I understand you do not want the champion to lose just before a PPV, but just don’t book the match. Once again, a horrible way to introduce Tyler Bate & The UK Division to a new audience.

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