Fresh off a European Tour, Monday Night Raw saw featured some huge moments with The Shield finally making their full in-ring return together, Braun Strowman sent Kane straight to hell, and Bayley & Triple H joined their respective Raw Survivor Series Teams.

Stephanie McMahon, Kurt Angle & The Shield. Grade: B. Stephanie did what she does best in running down Angle as GM and reminding everyone of the high stakes of Kurt’s job being on the line at Survivor Series. The Hounds of Justice intervened saying they don’t care about anything Stephanie says and they challenged The New Day to a match at Survivor Series. Stephanie is great on the mic as always even if she sometimes is a bit too much, but the prospect of The Shield vs The New Day is a monumental matchup; some can argue it hasn’t been built enough and while this is true, don’t let that ruin what should be a phenomenal match.

Bayley defeated Dana Brooke & Mickie James to qualify for the Survivor Series team. Grade: C. A terrific way to make Bayley earn her spot as the underdog while featuring the lower-ranked women on the Raw roster. Bayley winning is the obvious choice. WWE were smart to have Asuka highlighted even without being in action nearly kicked Dana Brooke’s head off.

Enzo Amore & Drew Gulak defeated Kalisto & Akira Tozawa. Grade: B- A fun action-packed match here giving Enzo a momentum building win going into Survivor Series. Drew Gulak once again was hilarious and really out performed Enzo on the mic.

Miz TV with The Bar. Grade: F. This was nothing more than filler; it served no purpose, nothing of any note was said, and it did nothing but bore what was a hot crowd. Can someone explain why WWE are making Cesaro do promos with his mouth piece in? It’s silly and frankly embarrassing.

Jason Jordan defeated Bray Wyatt. Grade: B- While Jordan continues to put in good in-ring performances, the crowd cannot get behind him and have no reason to. Jordan stole the win and Wyatt recovered with a post-match attack injuring the knee and allowing for what happened later in the show. A Jordan vs Wyatt feud could be good but there is no way anyone is cheering for Jordan as the babyface over Wyatt.

Paul Heyman Promo on Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles. Grade: A+ Worried about only having 1 week to build the dream match of Lesnar vs Styles…never fear, just call the best promo in the game today (and maybe ever). Heyman played up Styles talents and abilities but assured us that he will ultimately be no match for the Beast Incarnate. At Survivor Series we will see Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles, just think about that for a minute. Wrestling is crazy

During Heyman’s promo a fan in the crowd proposed and as the crowd made very clear “She Said Yes!”. The way Heyman played this into his promo was phenomenal bringing it back to his client. This goes to show just how great Heyman is, as many of WWE’s roster with scripted word for word promos would never be able to adapt and respond to something like this. This is what sets apart the good from the great.

The Shield defeated The Miz & The Bar. Grade: A- While some can argue that having The Miz & The Bar, the Intercontinental & Tag Team Champions eat a loss the week before a Big Four PPV is a horrible decision…who cares! The Shield are back and they’re doing what they do best! A really good match with particularly Cesaro & Roman standing out. A great warm up match for The Hounds of Justice ahead of their monumental showdown with the New Day at Survivor Series.

Triple H joins Team Raw. Grade: B. Kurt Angle announced that his son was injured earlier in the night and wouldn’t be able to compete at Survivor Series. Jason Jordan came out crying begging to be able to fight through injury just like his father did so many times. Triple H returned and announced that he is replacing Jason Jordan on Team Raw and hit the GM’s son with a Pedigree for good measure. Having Jordan cry like this is dreadful and his acting was horrendous, but having Triple H join the match instantly makes it an even bigger deal.

Finn Balor & Samoa Joe defeated Gallows & Anderson. Grade: B. The team of Balor & Joe made for a compelling match and they surprisingly worked well together. Why WWE didn’t mention hat Joe & Finn use to be a tag team back in NXT before their big title feud I don’t quite know. Obviously a shame that the Club have absolutely nothing happening at the moment but a good win for two Team Raw members. Hopefully the Joe vs Finn feud can extend at and continue post Survivor Series.

Braun Strowman vs Kane never gets started as Strowman Powerslams Kane through the ring. Grade: B+ I’m all for Strowman just doing crazy things and destroying everything in his path every single week. Kane & Strowman brawled on the outside before the match could ever start; and The Monster Among Men continues to rebuild his momentum after his loss to Lesnar.

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