During last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, the Cerebral Assassin, the Game and the COO of the WWE, Paul “Triple H” Levesque finally returned to TV. He returned to announce that he will be replacing Jason Jordan in the Raw Team for this weekend’s Survivor Series. Could this be the final stage for what might be one of the best traditional Survivor Series elimination matches in recent history?

After his epic rivalry with Seth Rollins, Triple H had been absent from live TV for nearly 8 months. This is not strange for him, since he usually does go on hiatus after his big Wrestlemania matches, as he did after his rivalry with Roman Reigns in 2016. Triple H would come back in August, setting up a rivalry between him and Rollins, interfering in the main event of Raw for the recently vacated and established WWE Universal Championship. Firstly, he attacked rival Roman Reigns with a Pedigree, allowing former Authority stable member Seth Rollins to eliminate him, before attacking Rollins with a Pedigree, allowing Kevin Owens to win the title. This started a long-term feud between Rollins and H, culminating at Wrestlemania 33 on April 2 2017. It was a non-sanctioned match, where Triple H lost to Rollins, leading to the Game’s disappearance from TV.

Shockingly, on November 1, Triple H teamed up with The Shield members, former rival Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose, at a live event in Glasgow, Scotland, wearing the full Shield outfit, against Bray Wyatt & The Bar. He was replacing Roman Reigns, who has was put on the sidelines because of viral meningitis. Since then, everybody started speculating what is next for the Game. It is rumored that he will face Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania 34, with no details of the storyline that would lead to their feud. On November 13 episode of Raw, Triple H announced himself as the fifth member of Team Raw for Survivor Series after Jason Jordan suffered an injury against Bray Wyatt, also attacking Jordan in the process. After Paige was spotted arriving at the Raw arena, people were expecting her long overdue return. However, when Triple H’s theme hit, nobody was expecting what was to unfold, the crowd blowing up after his announcement.

This development has many ramifications to the future storylines of the WWE. Firstly, this could be the perfect moment for Jason Jordan to embrace a heel persona, invigorating his unpopular character. Secondly, this could set up Kurt versus H at Wrestlemania, with Kurt being angry at Levesque for attacking his son. Lastly, this would improve the traditional elimination match between team Raw and team Smackdown, as Jason Jordan stood out from the all-star roster of that match, not being a fan favorite despite his ongoing push. Regardless, many questions have been raised regarding the animosity between members, now that Triple H has entered the equation. He would have to work with Kurt Angle, a former rival and father to Jordan, whom he attacked. H would have to face his wife’s brother, Shane McMahon, hopefully leading to a nice face-off between the two. Then there is Samoa Joe, the destroyer he introduced into the main roster himself, for which this team up might serve as a furthering of their storyline. On the Smackdown team, there is Bobby Roode, a fan favorite match-up for Triple H, which could hopefully happen. There is also Randy Orton, former Evolution and Authority member, with whom Triple H has a long history.

Triple H’s return might have been the best thing to happen to the traditional Survivor Series match, making fans look forward to this match between wrestling legends. I am personally excited to see how this match will unfold, and most importantly, who the victor/s will be!

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