At Survivor Series this Sunday, we will be treated to what many people consider a “dream match.” The (possibly) main event of the evening pits Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, against WWE Champion, AJ Styles, in a highly anticipated match-up featuring arguably the greatest wrestler in the world versus the most dominant superstar in WWE history. 

Many fans, myself included, view this as a dream match because of the athleticism and in-ring brilliance of Styles being put to the test against an absolute freak of nature that is Brock Lesnar. This was a great call by WWE in an attempt to elevate the card to something deserving of one of the Big Four PPV’s. Think about it, last year we were given Goldberg vs. Lesnar for the first time (I refuse to count WrestleMania XX as their first encounter. I was there, it was worse live than on TV). Say what you will about the match itself, but it was a huge money maker, a bona fide shock and awe moment, and it was a huge wave for WWE to ride into WrestleMania 33. That’s what dream matches are; money makers. And when one of your top champions is a legitimate bada$$, the options seem endless.

So why do I think there’s a problem with Brock and dream matches today? On the whole, the dream matches cooked up by the IWC involving Brock these days don’t seem feasible. What I mean is the proposed contestants don’t seem like they would mesh in the ring. AJ Styles might be the final person on the roster that I’m excited to see Lesnar wrestle. Don’t get me wrong; Brock vs. Braun, loved it, Brock vs. Joe, loved it, The 4-Way at Summerslam, LOVED IT! Why’s this? The styles all mesh. They’re all giant guys who also possess frightening athleticism but show it differently enough that it doesn’t get stale.

The way Brock has been booked has limited his potential to have these barn-burning dream matches. Brock comes, suplexes, F-5’s, leaves. Other than the Goldberg storyline, they’ve only recently let Brock show vulnerability in his matches with Braun and Joe. But after those matches, Brock is heralded as this dominant conqueror who cannot be beaten, especially by these giant men. With that booking, how in the world am I supposed to believe someone like Finn Balor can last in the ring with Brock? The weight difference alone (near 100 pounds) makes it difficult to conceptualize. I’m almost happy Finn wasn’t given a rematch for the Universal Championship right away because I can’t envision a match between the two going well. A sub-200 pound striker against Brock? I just don’t see it. I love me some Finn and I want to see him have his Championship run that he never had, but I don’t see him beating Brock realistically.

If you don’t want to use weight difference as a measuring stick, let’s look at Kevin Owens; another “dream opponent” for Brock. The problem here is that KO wrestles a methodical, slow, heelish style meant to ground his opponent for most of the match building up to the climax. Brock’s booking cannot allow him to be grounded for 75% of a match. It defeats the facade that WWE have built around one of their biggest attractions.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura is an interesting one. I am more than happy to touch on that once I see Nakamura get more high-profile matches on the main roster. Unfortunately, he’s been looking complacent since his main roster debut, with some exceptions, and I want to see him become the King of Strong Style we know and love again before trying to visualize a match between him and Brock.

AJ Styles is the only modern Superstar that I can see having a great match with Brock. Styles is technically brilliant, possibly the most athletic man on the roster, and pretty much has a PhD in in-ring psychology. He’s bigger than Balor, wrestles a more exciting style than KO, and matches up nicely to the Beast. Whether their match this Sunday will live up to the hype remains to be seen. That being said, I hope it’s a great match because there’s not many dream opponents for Brock left.

Am I crazy? Am I thinking too much about this and should I just let the matches unfold? Sound off oin the comments who you would like to see face off against Brock in a dream match. I limited this to WWE guys but go ahead and shout out your favorite indy stars as well if that’s more your jam.

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