Ultimate Warrior died a pretty eerie death back in 2014. Now, whether you agree with the previous sentence or not, one thing that everybody knows is that events leading up to Warrior’s death were somewhat “interesting”…

In the days leading up to his passing, Warrior had made peace with the WWE and many of his former colleagues after years of estrangement, and had cut an unforgettable speech on Monday Night Raw. He died one day later after succumbing to a heart attack.

And while it seemed that Warrior had gotten closure for many things in his colorful and often controversial life, a new report suggested that he wasn’t at all happy. Worse, the report alleges that his wife, Dana, was on the verge of leaving him.

But that’s not the focal point of this article. Bret Hart shares the unfortunate story of the time Ultimate Warrior let a Make-a-Wish kid down on one of his final wishes in his autobiographyHitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling”.


Here is what Hart had to say:

“I got to see exactly what kind of champion Warrior was during a show in Omaha. Propped up on a stretcher a few feet outside the dressing room was a Make A-Wish kid who looked to be down to his last few hours. There was not a hair left on his head, and not even his Warrior face paint could mask his sad eyes. Sickly pale and barely breathing through a ventilator tube, the boy wore a purple Warrior T-shirt and green and orange tassels tied around his biceps to honor his hero. His mother and father and an older brother and sister were with him, patiently waiting for the promised encounter with The Ultimate Warrior.

I bent over to say hello, as did all the other wrestlers on the way into the dressing room. It was odd, but there was Warrior actually sitting with us: He usually kept to himself in his private dressing room. By the time the third match started, a WWF public relations rep poked his head in and politely asked Warrior if he was ready to meet the dying boy. Warrior grunted, “In a fuckin’ minute. I’m busy.” I thought to myself, Busy doing what, talking to a bunch of guys you can’t stand anyway?

As the night wore on the family waited just outside the dressing room door, the boy hanging on to his dying wish to meet his hero. As I was returning to the dressing room after my match, I was relieved to see that they weren’t there anymore; I assumed that the kid’s wish had come true.

Warrior’s entrance music played while Jim and I quickly showered in hopes of beating the crowd out of the building. We’d have to hurry since Warrior never went over ten minutes. We dressed, grabbed our bags and took off. As we rounded a corner down a backstage ramp, we came upon the boy and his weary family, who had been moved there so as not to get in the way of Warrior’s entrance. I thought, That lousy piece of shit. He’d made them wait all night, unable to summon the compassion to see this real little warrior. Hogan, Randy and countless others, including André, never hesitated to take the time to meet a sick, dying kid. My disgust for Warrior magnified a thousand times. To me he was a coward, a weakling and a phony hero.”

One thing is for sure, The Ultimate Warrior’s career was riddled with controversies which didn’t portray him in positive light. Behind the glittering superhero-esque era of Pro-Wrestling in the late 80’s, perhaps Ultimate Warrior was a different man altogether. Nevertheless of the fact whether the man behind that character, Jim Hellwig got closure with people around him or not, Ultimate Warrior sure did, with the fans of course…

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