Owen Hart was a great guy. Even so many years after his tragic death, wrestlers still narrate a funny Owen Hart incident from time-to-time. But perhaps the landscape of the company would’ve been quite different if not for Owen’s demise…

Its no secret that Owen Hart wanted out of the WWE back in the late 90’s as they were taking a more “raunchy” approach towards the product. At the same time, WWE allowed Owen Hart to reprise the role of a superhero baby-face: “The Blue Blazer”.

Unlike the first run of the character, the Blazer was now an overbearing, self-righteous heel who treated the edgy Attitude Era WWF with disdain.

Once the Blazer run was finished, Owen would revert to being a serious wrestler, rechristened as “The Game” and promoted as a serious wrestler. As we all know, Owen didn’t get a chance to portray this gimmick (due to his death) which would later-on be handed to Triple H.

Even Triple H himself has stated that the nickname and the gimmick was originally intended for Owen Hart.

In my opinion, Owen Hart would’ve indeed suited the role. At the time, Owen Hart was a more developed all-around performer than Triple H and with the same push as Triple H received Owen could’ve very well been at the forefront of the entire Wrestling industry. However, when it comes to Triple H, would he have been at the top if not for his gimmick? The more you think about it, the more you realize about the endless possibilities if not for Owen Hart’s tragic demise…


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