On Monday, November 20, 2017, Roman Reigns defeated the Miz to win his first Intercontinental Championship and became only the 17th man in WWE history to win the “Grand Slam Championship.” To win the Grand Slam, a competitor must have a reign as World Champion (WWE/World Heavyweight/Universal), Tag Team Champion (RAW/Smackdown/WWE/World), Intercontinental Champion, and United States Champion. Previously, reigns as European Champion and even Hardcore Champion have counted towards a Grand Slam (lucky for Christian). It’s a very exclusive club, as in the 54 year history of the WWE Championship, only 17 men are recognized as Grand Slam winners…and there’s many great champions noticeably not on this list. Here are the 10 Greatest World Champions Who (Probably) Will NEVER Win The Grand Slam. **Editor’s note** I’m leaving out all champions who have passed away because that would make my job too easy (Sorry, Andre).

10. The Iron Sheik

Funny story, when I was about to begin wrestling training, I almost trained under a guy who was supposed to be the Sheik of the West Coast. And he HATES the Iron Sheik. I wonder why…Anyways, the Iron Sheik is a one-time WWF World Heavyweight Champion, winning the title from Bob Backlund way back in 1983. It was a short lived reign as he would shortly drop the title to some no-name young upstart by the name of Hulk Hogan. The Sheik was the foreign heel before the foreign heel was cool. And, honestly, the foreign heel gimmick hasn’t been cool since (Yes, that’s a blatant hindering of Jinder). Since dropping the belt, the Sheikster became a one-time WWF Tag Team Champion with fellow foreign scoundrel, Nikolai Volkoff, and the first and only Gimmick Battle Royal winner at WrestleMania X-7 (go watch that match now, it’s a 5-star classic). These days, Sheik spends his time going on unintelligible rants on the radio and sending out some of the most entertaining tweets out of anybody in the business. The odds of Sheik making a return to win both the IC and US Championships are low, but then again he’s so insane in the membrane these days he might hobble himself down to the ring and strap on the Camel Clutch on the Big Dog. Who knows?

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