205 Live is a program centred in the cruiserweight division. WWE is trying to push this division and turn it into a successful brand. This is why the cruiserweight division received many wrestlers to add depth. The cruiserweight division received wrestlers like Enzo Amore, Kalisto and yesterday, WWE announced that Hideo Itami will be joining the 205 Live Division. Enzo Amore is the face of the division and we get it; he is interesting, great in the microphone and can sell a story perfectly. In his own way, he is making 205 Live relevant. However, he lacks of wrestling skills that the cruiserweight division require to add spice to their programming. This is killing the 205 Live concept. WWE can add different wrestlers to be the face of 205 Live or to make 205 Live more relevant. These are 5 wrestlers that WWE need to add in order to pus 205 Live to the next level and solidify it as a unique brand.

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