After a dark match in the recent Tuesday WWE TV Tapings, Bobby Roode invited the WWE Production Crew in the ring to strike a Glorious pose with him!


Back in NXT, Bobby Roode was asked about how his WWE Deal came together. Here’s what he had to say:

“I just knew that staying at TNA really wasn’t an option for me, so I ended up finishing the third year of my contract. I had one year left and we kind of just mutually parted ways.” Roode continued, “I became pretty good friends with Samoa Joe over the years at TNA. Joe was already at NXT and we would talk here and there. And, of course, Austin Aries was just getting started with NXT at the time I was ending with TNA, so we all kind of chatted a little bit and stuff like that. And, obviously, when I was finishing up with TNA, we came to an agreement that I was going to finish up in March, finish the five or six weeks of TV that was left or whatever I had to do there and then I was done. So the day that I was finished, I got a phone call from Matt Bloom and then, the ball kind of started rolling from there.”


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