Monday Night Raw emanated from Los Angeles as both the Intercontinental & Raw Tag Team Championships were on the line, Absolution continued to make their intentions known in the women’s division, and Matt Hardy has finally been ‘Woken’.

Roman Reigns, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe & Jason Jordan Kick Off Raw. Grade: B+ Jason Jordan and his constant attempts at using his father is wonderful and he had same real incredible heel heat here. Jordan is dead in the water as a babyface but as a heel he could be a serious player, attacking Roman Reigns from behind before Samoa Joe could get his hands-on Reigns. A really nice opening segment setting up the rest of the night. Intercontinental

Roman Reigns retained the Intercontinental Championship against Jason Jordan. Grade: B- Reigns dominated the majority of the match; Jordan is very impressive in sections in the ring. After the match Samoa Joe tried to jump Reigns but the champion fought him off.

After the match Jason Jordan tried to convince his father for another shot but was jumped by an intense Samoa Joe. “Like Father Like Son” after laying out Jordan while staring down Angle makes me all sorts of excited.

Paige defeated Sasha Banks. Grade: B. This barely scratched the surface of what these two are capable of together, however the presence of Absolution at ringside did well to establish them as an unstoppable threat in the Raw Women’s Division. A good return to in-ring action for Paige.

Nia Jax flirting with Enzo Amore… I don’t want to jump at this too early, but I absolutely do not like this; Nia Jax should be the most unstoppable monster in Women’s Wrestling, and instead she’s about to be flirting with Enzo Amore and in the Cruiserweight Division. This is just all sorts of no and is guaranteed to do nothing but hurt Nia.

Drew Gulak defeated Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander & Tony Nese. Grade: B+ Gulak has been the most underappreciated star of not just 205 Live but perhaps the entire WWE for a while now and finally scored a big notable win on Raw. A great fast paced high-octane match with all four men legitimately standing a chance of victory. Interesting that the tension between Ali & Alexander wasn’t built upon after last weeks 205 Live.

Braun Strowman destroys Elias. Grade: A. Elias treated Los Angeles to one of his performances but was eventually greeted by Braun Strowman, who proceeded to massacre Elias all over the ring. While some can argue that Elias should be protected, he wont lost much momentum here, Kane appeared on the big screen to challenge Strowman to a match next week on Raw which will hopefully be the cumulation of their feud.

Asuka defeated Alicia Fox. Grade: B. Asuka dominated Alicia Fox with relative easy. Once again after the match Absolution made their way to the ring, Asuka retreated being outnumbered three to one but Absolution showing the respect to Asuka by not attacking her does well to play up Asuka’s dominance. The trio then destroyed Alicia Fox, again showing how dangerous and ruthless they are.

Finn Balor defeated Bo Dallas. Grade: C- You can argue its good to see Balor winning matches, but this was just too forgettable. Where WWE is going with Balor from here I genuinely have no idea, if he can’t head for the Universal Title then what is the point?

‘Woken’ Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt. Grade: B+ It’s hard to believe in anything that Bray Wyatt says anymore, but who cares; Broken, or Woken Matt Hardy has arrived. As long as WWE allows Matt to just go crazy and this, this could be the greatest thing ever.

The Bar defeated Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose. Grade: B+ Every single time these two teams meet they deliver a fantastic match, and this was no different. The Bar lost by Disqualification but retained the titles only for Kurt Angle to restart the match as No Disqualification. This brought out Samoa Joe who allowed The Bar to retain; Reigns came out to even up the odds but Samoa Joe made the escape. This did well to further the Joe vs Reigns feud, while as great as they have been together, hopefully The Bar and The Shield can move onto new feuds.

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