205 Live saw Drew Gulak lead the Zo Train in the Cruiserweight Champion’s absence as Cedric Alexander took on Noam Dar, The Brian Kendrick battled Gran Metalik & Rich Swann faced Tony Nese.

Cedric Alexander defeated Noam Dar. Grade: B. Drew Gulak continues to be the highlight of 205 Live and his promo as well as his running contributions throughout the show were hilarious. As a leader he delegated Noam Dar to take part in the match on his behalf and sat in on commentary. Gulak stopped Noam from going to the top rope and flying, encouraging Dar to get down and fall victim to Cedric. The match itself was quite good with Noam Dar one of the more underrated wrestlers in the Cruiserweight Division and in the WWE as a whole.

The Brian Kendrick defeated Gran Metalik. Grade: B_ Gran Metalik is very impressive in the ring, but cutting pre-recorded promos in Spanish isn’t going to help the fact he gets absolutely no reaction. Good to see WWE hasn’t forgotten about Kendrick and Gallagher as two of the few people on 205 Live not involved in the Zo Train angle.

Rich Swann defeated Tony Nese. Grade: B- A good momentum building win for Swann over Tony Nese with both Cedric Alexander & Drew Gulak in their respective corners. This capped off a bad night for the Zo Train under Drew Gulak’s control as both Nese & Dar suffer losses. Post-match the entire Zo Train went to attack Cedric & Swann four on two but Mustafa Ali & Akira Tozawa made the save before any damage could be done. Unfortunately this entire Zo Train feud and angle just doesn’t seem to have any direction or any real heat behind it, which is worse when you take into account its using up the majority of performers on the 205 Live roster.

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