Ring of Honor this week featured the final build towards Ring of Honor’s Biggest Annual PPV Final Battle with the Contract Signing between World Champion Cody & Dalton Castle, as well as tensions rising between The Addiction & War Machine, Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer and the Briscoes, and Marty Scurll & Jay Lethal.

Kenny King Retained the Ring of Honor Television Championship defeating Caprice Coleman. Grade: B. A good title defence for Kenny King here after a good segment last match setting up the match; these types of title defences are really underused particularly for minor championships. There was a brutal spot with a missed hurricanrana that went exactly as planned I’m sure but looked brutal. After the match all four participants in the four way for the Television Title at Final Battle brawled.

The Addiction attack Hanson. Grade: A- The Addiction came out and ran their mouths once again; Raymond Rowe was suspended for an incident involving a fan a few weeks ago and so Hanson came out by himself and tried to take on the duo. Addiction handcuffed Hanson to the ropes and tried to shave his beard and cut off his ear but ultimately security was able to stop them and free Hanson. The Addiction are just that damn good as heels it’s amazing!

Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer confront The Briscoes. Grade: A+ The Briscoes came out and ran their mouths once again but were confronted by the former ECW duo. Tensions rose very quickly and the match was made for Final Battle before a huge brawl broke out. This feud has been absolutely perfect, of all matches at Final Battle, this may be the one I’m most excited for.

Matt Taven defeated Jay Lethal. Grade: B. A good little match with Marty Scurll on commentary; The Villain tried to tempt Lethal to go back to his ‘Villainess ways’ but Lethal refused; however this provided enough of a distraction for Matt Taven to steal the win. A great little way to build towards their match at Final Battle.

Contract Signing for the Ring of Honor World Championship Match between Cody & Dalton Castle. Grade: C. While it was also refreshing to see a contract signing that didn’t break into chaos, not much really happened here which is common for Ring of Honor particularly for big World Title matches. The highlight here was definitely Cody and his outstanding outfit.

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