205 Live saw Cedric Alexander vs Ariya Daivari, Kalisto vs Jack Gallagher & Enzo Amore vs fellow Zo Train member Tony Nese.

Cedric Alexander defeated Ariya Daivari. Grade: B- Drew Gulak was hilarious as always in his pre-match promo and during the match with his megaphone Gulak once again found himself stealing the show. Ariya Daivari went to the top rope which understandably infuriated Gulak before Cedric was able to get the win to build momentum into his number one contenders match against Gulak next week.

Backstage tensions began to rise within the Zo Train with members starting to side with Drew Gulak over Enzo, leading to Enzo putting himself in a match with Tony Nese in the main event.

Kalisto defeated Jack Gallagher. Grade: B+ A fantastic segment involving four of the only Cruiserweights (the only other ones I can think of is Lince Dorado & maybe TJP) who haven’t been involved in this mess of a storyline with the Zo Train. Jack Gallagher & Kalisto had a brilliant match with Gallagher dominating the match destroying the leg of Kalisto, who stole the win with a role up as that’s just about all the offense he could manage with his inured leg. Post-match Kendrick attacked Kalisto’s injured leg from behind and the two beatdown Kalisto until Gran Metalik made the save and cleaned house. While only very brief, Metalik looked really good here.

Another hype package is shown for Hideo Itami who will make his 205 Live debut next week. Excited, but nervous and worried as to what will happen with him in the Cruiserweight Division; he is legitimately that good he could realistically be WWE and/or Universal Champion.

Tony Nese defeated Enzo Amore by Disqualification. Grade: D+ Tony Nese and his body language during his entrance was great with him not doing any of his tricks in showing off his body, before Enzo entered with the Zo Train. The other members of the Zo Train sold not wanting to be involved in this match well. Nese wanted nothing to do with the match before Enzo slapped Nese, and Daivari attacked Nese before the Premier Athlete could retaliate. Enzo & Daivari beat down Nese while Gulak watched unapprovingly from ringside. Enzo demanded Gulak attack Nese and Gulak stalled and avoided it perfectly, teasing that he may attack Enzo before reluctantly blasting Nese. While this really isn’t what the Cruiserweight Division should be about, as proven by the loud and noticeable “This is Boring” Chants, Gulak was undoubtable great here.

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