Ring of Honor this week was always going to be in a tough spot post Final Battle; but a very good main event tag team match featuring The Elite & Best Friends & Rocky Romero more than made up for that. The Addiction and Shane Taylor were also in action.

The Addiction defeated Coast to Coast. Grade: B- Your standard opening tag team match gave the Addiction a much needed in-ring victory; their work as heels has been absolutely phenomenal. Coast to Coast, obviously very frustrated with their loss announced that if they cannot win their next match, they are done as a team. A good sign of a little push for them or a good little story for a break up between the two.

Shane Taylor defeated Eli Ison. Grade: B. Shane Taylor is beginning a strong push through the Mid-Card and this was just another dominating squash victory for the big man. Any tie you get the ‘jobbers’ entrance on ROH TV, you’re in trouble.

Coleman’s Pulpit with Brandi Rhodes. Grade: C+ Brandi is great, but it just seemed like these two had nothing to even talk about. Through confused chat about WAGS Atlanta, Cody & even Dusty, this just felt a little awkward and silly.

The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) defeated Best Friends & Rocky Romero. Grade: A- Just look at the names involved here, how is this ever not going to be an amazing fun match? An abundance of incredible moves and sequences, both spectacular and brutal from all six men involved; and of course, an awful lot of Superkicks! An incredible match won with the Cease & Desist Submission from the Young Bucks, which is officially the best submission name ever.

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