Shawn Daivari has often mentioned the time when he turned down the super-patriot character in WWE named as “George W. Bush”…

It was in 2005 when the “Muhammad Hassan” character was dropped from television due to enormous fan backlash and the terrorist attacks in London (After all, it was a terrorist gimmick). Hassan’s manager at the time, Shawn Daivari had to also disappear. WWE wanted to find a role for Daivari someplace on the card and even went through several ideas to discuss his “return gimmick”.

The On-Screen Commissioner for WWE RAW, Stephanie McMahon wanted to discuss an idea with him that the creative team had come up with. Ladies and Gentleman, they wanted him to repackage as………George W. Bush, who was the American President at that time.

Shawn Daivari was to become a caricature of American Patriotism, dressed from head to toe in a star-spangled banner. Here are Daivari’s thoughts on this topic:

“The SmackDown! after Great American Bash, I was supposed to come out as George W. Bush, an over-the-top, red, white, and blue America thing. Almost patronizing the whole thing being like, ‘hey, I can be patriotic too. I’m not an Arab. I’m American. I love America! My name is George Bush!’ and that kind of s–t. And then, I told her it was a bad idea. A) it doesn’t have any longevity. You can only do it for so long. And then, B) it’s not going to work because people… it just doesn’t sound like a great idea and she agreed with me. And she says, ‘yeah, I don’t think it’ll work either.’ And that was that.”

Let’s take a moment here. We all get to know that Daivari was and is not a huge fan of this gimmick. Neither is Stephanie McMahon. Why did this meeting take place?

He continues:

“…from my experience, my whole time there, almost, I shouldn’t say with anybody, but the top people, Steph and Hunter and Vince, if you said, ‘no, here’s why’ or ‘no, here’s an alternative’, and if they agreed with you, it was never an issue. And she did agree with me in that respect, so it was not an issue to say ‘no.'”

So, what happened to Daivari? Well, he’d eventually return and manage Kurt Angle. But he never got a huge push. What if he had taken and accepted the “George W. Bush” gimmick?

There is no stop when it comes to terrible character pitches. There are tons of examples out there, with “George W. Bush” being a prime example of how things could easily go wrong in a million ways.

I hope that “WWE’s Terrible Character Pitches” becomes a series. Sound-off in the comments section on your thoughts about WWE’s version of George W. Bush, and whether or not you’d like to see more related to this topic.


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