A Christmas special edition of Ring of Honor featured a huge 10-man tag team match captained by Dalton Castle & Cody, as well as the ROH debut of Simon Grimm.

The Dawgs defeated Simon Grimm & Flip Gordon. Grade: C+ Simon Grimm, formerly known as Simon Gotch in WWE made his Ring of Honor debut, and I don’t think anyone could have cared less if they tried. The Dawgs who are one of the lower positioned tag teams in ROH defeated the debuting Grimm and Flip Gordon (who it is worth trying to do something with) with ease.

The Women of Honor which airs on Wednesday Nights was recapped; hopefully WOH can really kick off to new heights in 2018 with the new WHO Championship.

Dalton Castle, Silas Young, Hanson, Jonathan Gresham & Marty Scurll defeated Cody, Scorpio Sky, Josh Woods, Chris Sabin & Punishment Martinez. Grade: B. This match was everywhere, and it was great fun; this is how you have a fun Christmas match without ridiculous outfits for gimmicks, and its positioning was perfect post Final Battle. Bullet Club brothers Cody & Marty Scurll being on opposite teams and refusing to fight each other was a lot of fun everyone hit their big dives and high spots particularly the biggest men in the ring. A very fun high impact and high-flying match between 10 of ROH’s best.

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