WWE Analyst Justin Labar recently confirmed a few details regarding WWE RAW’s 25th Anniversary in accordance to his sources…

The broadcast will hail from two venues on the same night in New York City.

Labar said that he can confirm- “that the current plan within the three hours airing on USA Network is for approximately 1 hour to come from the Manhattan Center and the other 2 hours from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn”.

Labar also notes that- “The one hour at the Manhattan Center isn’t planned to be an hour straight however, as it’s planned to be broken up throughout the show.

Many superstars including big names such as Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker have been scheduled to appear for the special episode emanating from both the Barclays Center as well as the Manhattan Center.

It is confirmed that both of these legends will be appearing at The Manhattan Center, but as Labar further addresses-  “…it’s not out of the question that they also make appearances at the Barclays Center sometime in the evening as some Superstars making double appearances is being prepared and written for”.

Many backstage personnel noted that backstage footage is currently being planned to be shot documenting the day.

Several current talent have informed us that they – and others in the locker room – would like to be at the Manhattan Center for the nostalgia experience, since many were fans during that time. But we’re learning that the majority of the current full-time roster members will be used at that Barclays Center.

In addition to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin — the cornerstone of The Attitude Era and one of the most iconic Superstars in its history — the following WWE Legends are confirmed for Raw 25, emanating from the Manhattan Center and the Barclays Center on Jan. 22, live on USA Network:

It seems as if the WWE would be documenting the whole day as an historic event which would finally end up on the WWE Network for the fans to see how it all went down. Whatever the case might be, it is quite interesting to know that the event will be broadcasting live from two venues in New York City.

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