WWE Legend Kurt Angle recently hosted a Q/A Session via his Facebook Page. There were some pretty interesting questions throughout the session. Here are some quick highlights…

Q: Hi Kurt, did you have any other finishers in mind when you started with WWE beyond the Ankle lock and the Angle Slam?

“I did not work on finishers when I started. I was concerned about bumping properly and babyface/heel psychology. I didn’t have much offense the first year. I learned the proper way and I became the most successful, quickest learning superstar of all time because of my priority to learn the craft quickly. Nobody wins a world title 14 months after they step foot in a ring, especially having 30 minute matches. Sure there have been wrestlers who won world titles within a year, but the matches were 1-2 minutes long. Big difference between being “pushed” and knowing your craft. I knew/learned the craft before I won my title”

Q: While being a serious competitor in the ring, your character was able to show comedic humour with funny one liners. Is it possible that you were a class clown in school?

 “I was not at all! I was serious and shy. I decided to go outside my comfort zone and then came “Sexy Kurt” among others. I took chances”

Q:  If you could relive any match again and again like groundhog day which match would it be and why?

“Wrestlemania 21. Because I defeated, who I believe is, the most gifted superstar ever Shawn Michaels”

Q: What are your top five greatest wrestlers of all time?

 “Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Steve Austin/Rock tied, and Cena is a close six”

Q: Hey Kurt, if there was movie about you, which actor would you want to play you?

“I don’t know…there are tremendous actors out there. My favourite? Jon Bernthal. So Jon Bernthal is my answer” 

Q: In your opinion what was the feud in WWE that made you a house hold name?

“Triple H/Stephanie Feud. The love triangle 2000-1”

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